RDD Farm & Construction Equipment Auction

RDD Sale Yard - 1260 Raynor Mill Road, Mount Olive, NC 28365

June 10th, 2023


Call: Dale Dunn

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Large Farm & Construction Equipment Auction in Mount Olive, NC!

BIDDER CONTRACT: In order to bid at this auction you must meet registration requirements. 
By registering and obtaining a bidders number you are demonstrating that you fully understand, accept and agree to all conditions and terms set forth for this auction, whether in writing or implied verbally. 
All bidders must register and have bidder number to bid. 
Auctioneer reserves right to refuse or reject any bid.

BUYER RESPONSIBILITY: From the moment auctioneer deems items sold, it becomes the sole responsibility of buyer. Reasonable care will be made by auction company to safeguard purchases, but in the event of theft, vandalism, accidental, or purposeful damage, negligence and/or and Act of God, Buyer agrees to hold auction company harmless. 

WARRANTY: All information contained herein is true and correct to the best of Auction Company’s knowledge, but it is in no way guaranteed as to the accuracy of description made.  All items are sold 'As is -  Where is' without warranty written or implied as to usefulness or merchantability. 

BIDDERS: By placing a bid on an item, you subsequently agree that you have obtained all information regarding quantity and condition by personally inspecting or an inspection by your agent and that you are familiar with all regulatory requirements associated with the item.  Should you decide not to inspect an item, you waive any claim(s) against RDD Auction Company, LLC for any item not meeting your expectation.


CATALOG AND DESCRIPTION INFORMATION: Descriptions are believed to be correct, but are not guaranteed. RDD Auction Company, LLC is not responsible for statements or claimed made by third parties.  It is the Buyer’s responsibility to inspect any item(s) of interest prior to the auction and before placing a bid.  Bidder/Buyer assumes all responsibility to determine the correct information, including but not limited to kind, age, year, model condition, make, serial number, etc. 

SALES TAXES: All sales of non-road use vehicles are subject to state sales taxes unless you have a Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement – Certificate of Exemption  Form E-595E on file with RDD Auction Company, LLC.  Purchases made by dealer for resale you must execute and sign state's exemption certificate no matter of which state you operate in.  

DISPUTES: Any disputes arising from these rules, descriptions made or contracts between Bidder/Buyer and Auction Company shall be resolved in Wayne County, North Carolina.

Payment Terms:

Payment Options: Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Wire Transfer.  

Payment is due from On-site Buyers the day of the auction.

Payment is due from Internet Buyers within 3 business days following the auction.

Online Buyers Fees:
10% Online Buyers Premium Capped at $500 Per Item
+ 2% Internet Service Fee (not capped)

To Pay by Credit Card or Wire Transfer, Please call 919-689-9400 for instructions.

3% Convenience Fee will be applied to Credit Card Purchases.
$15.00 Wire Transfer Fee

Please remit payment using the Invoice emailed from RDD Auction Company with all applicable fees included. 

No purchases may leave the auction yard until the invoice is paid for in full.

Payment must be made by the Wednesday following the auction. Payments made after that may be subject to a $25.00 per day late fee. 

All titled vehicles and titled items are subject to a $30.00 title fee. All purchases must be removed within 7 days of auction. After 15 days a $25.00 per day storage fee will be assessed. Items not removed within 60 days will be considered abandoned and become the property of RDD Auction, LLC with no recourse to buyer.

Your registration and participation in this auction through Proxibid or Level is a legally binding contract. In the event that a buyer refuses to pay in full for an item or items purchased at this auction, RDD Auction, LLC retains the right to pursue payment as well as compensation for any applicable legal fees to the full extent of the law in Wayne County , NC the venue of business transactions with RDD Auction, LLC.