Emerling Farms and Sunny Knoll Farms Equipment Dispersal

Join us for this large farm dispersal! Emerling Farms: Operating as a multigenerational farm since 1960, they have given us the honor of conducting an equipment dispersal. Equipment has been well maintained and is in immaculate condition. Sunny Knoll Farms: After many years in the agricultural business, Sunny Knoll has sold the farm and has given us the honor of dispersing of their equipment.

Live and In-person


Call: Marie Martin

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***Emerling Farms***
2018 CIH 420 steiger w/ 1207hrs,1000 pto, leather interior, cab suspension, power shift, 6 rmotes, 540/1000pto, 520/85R46 duals, wheel weights, (Nice)
2002 JD 9200 w/ 14,200hrs, 2,000hrs on new engine & trans, 12spd Synchro shift, 10.5L engine, 4 remotes/ large 1000pto, 3pt, 520/85R42 duals, rear wheel weights, Grouser 14′ silage blade
2012 Case Puma 230 w/ 3692hrs, CVT trans, 4wd, front 3pt, pto & hyd, 4 remotes, 540/ 1000pto, 3pt, 710/60R32 rear rubber, 600/60R30 front rubber
2012 Massey Ferguson 8650 tractor w/ 9172hrs, cab w/ heat/ air, buddy seat, cab suspension, CVT trans w/ LHReverser, 4wd, hammer straps, 540/ 1000pto, 3pt, 4 remotes, 26 front weights, 710/70R42 rear rubber, 480/70R34 front rubber
1998 MF 8150 w/ 4101hrs, Dynashift 16 spd ps, cab w/ heat/air, 4wd, duals, front fenders
JD 7800 w/ 740 loader, cab, 4wd, 19spd power shift, front fenders, 540/1000pto, new 20.8-38 axle duals
1985 AC 8070 w/ 8271hrs, cab w/ heat, air, 6spd power shift w/ high & low, 4wd, 2 remotes, 540/1000pto, 3pt, 7 front weights, 520/85R38 rear rubber
1985 AC 8070 w/ 11,027hrs, 6spd power shift w/ high & low, 4wd, 3 remotes, 540/ 1000pto, 3pt
1985 AC 8050 w/ 6366hrs, cab w/ air, 6spd power shift, 4wd, Cummins engine, 3 remotes, 1000/ 540pto, 11 front weights, 520/85R38 rear rubber, 18.4R26 front rubber
1085 AC 8050 w/ 1294hrs showing, cab w/ heat, air, 6spd power shift w/ high & low, 2wd, Ac diesel engine, 3 remotes, 540pto, 3pt, 10 front wheel weights
1979 AC 7010 w/ 1501hrs, power shift w/ high & low, 540/ 1000 pto, 3pt
AC WC unstyled tractor on steel
AC WC styled tractor (nonrunning)
2022 Bobcat 5510 skid loader w/ 4749hrs, cab w/ heat/ air, single speed, hand & foot controls, manual quick att, aux hyd, high flow
2019 Bobcat S550 skid loader w/ 7927hrs, open cab, hand & foot controls, single speed, manual quick att
2018 Bobcat S550 skid loader w/ hand & foot controls, single speed, Dyna VT trans, manual quick att
2014 Bobcat S510 skid loader w/ 2524hrs, OROPS, hand & foot controls, single speed, manual quick att, 72” bucket
2019 Bobcat V723 tellehandler w/ 5450hrs, cab w/ heat, air, all wheel steer, hyd quick att, 8′ bucket
2011 Bobcat V723 tellehander w/ 15,556hrs, cab w/ heat, air, hyd quick att, all wheel steer, 9′ bucket
2005 Bobcat 328 mini excavator w/ 4496hrs, canopy, front hyd blade, quick att, aux hyd
Sun Flower 1435 40′ rock flex disc w/ packer hitch & hyd, 20” blades w/ scrapers
2009 Sun Flower 1435 29′ rock flex disc w/ packer hitch w/ hyd, 22” blades
Sunflower 6630 30′ rock flex disc w/ packer hitch and hyd
2000 Glenco 25′ cultimulcher w/ hyd fold, hyd S tines
8 Shank 3pt deep ripper w/ drag line manure injection system
2006 Blue Jet Subtiller Two 8 shank zone builder w/ hyd fold, spring reset
2008 Unverferth 225 32′ rolling harrow
Krause/ homemade 32′ smooth roller
Bobs Equipment 25′ smooth roller
2001 Kinze 3600 23 row planter w/ 19” spacing, vacuum, 2020 precision, individual row shut off, liquid fert, 1 1/2 bu seed boxes
Great Plains 3S-3000HD-6006 30′ grain drill w/ double disc, seeder, 6” spacing
Kuhn Knight 8118 Pro Twin Slinger spreader w/ double auger, walking tandems, 540pto
Kuhn Knight 8030 pro twin slinger spreader w/ twin auger, 1000pto
Bambauer 233-0212 drag line reel w/ 1mile 6” supply hose, 1,320” Of’ drag hose w/ 185cmf air compressor
2019 Jamesway 50′ lagoon pump w/ agitator, 8” fill
2023 Doda pto drag line pump w/ 6” pipe, 185CFM, air compressor
2009 Jamesway 50’x 8” manure pump w/ agitator, large 1000pto
6” Hyd supply pump for drag line
Cornell 6” transfer pump w/ 1000pto, on Farm Star cart
Jamesway 10” fill pipe w/ transport
8”x20′ Manure load pipe
20,000gal Frak tank
2014 JD 7780 Prodrive self propelled forage harvester w/ 1754/2278hrs, 4wd, kernel processer, Harvest Lab 3000, Star Fire 3000, auto greaser, 480/80R42 front rubber, 600/65R28 rear rubber
2014 JD 778 8 row chopper head
2014 JD 640C 13′ hay pickup head
2008 Oxbo avalanche 310 30′ continueos merger w/ 3pt hookup, large 1000pto
2015 Pottinger Novacat V10 30′ triple mower w/ roll conditioners
Agromatic C3209 lift silage packer
2018 Kuhn Knight Vertical Max VTC 180 feed mixer w/ Duramix extended life package, LH/ rear unload, 540pto
2009 Kuhn Kight Botec 4072 feed mixer w/ LH unload, 1000pto
Roto Grind 1090 bale grinder w/ spout, 540pto
2003 Mack Granet semi w/ 442,169mi, Eaton Fuller 13spd manual trans, Mack AL 460 engine, wetline, 46K rears, 14K front, air ride, alum rims
2005 Mack Vision semi w/ 738,783mi, Mack 18spd trans, Mack E-7427 engine, wetline, 44K rear, air ride, alum wheels
2000 Mack Vision semi w/ auto trans, Mack 427 engine, 40K rears, wetline, new frame rails, alum wheels
1989 Mack Super Liner semi w/ 10spd manual trans, Mack 350 diesel engine, wetline, 38K rears, diff lock
1989 Mack Super Liner semi w/ 313,325mi, 10spd manual trans, 350hp engine, 40K rear, air ride, wetline
Ford 10-wheeler dump truck
2021 Dodge 2500 w/ 4wd, manual trans, gas engine, alum flatbed
2013 Chevy 3500 HD truck w/ 39,991mi, vinal interior, single cab, auto trans, 4wd, Vortec gas, 8′ bed w/ gooseneck hitch
2013 Chevy 2500 HD truck w/ 89,827mi, crew cab, cloth interior, auto trans, 6.0L gas engine, 4wd, 7′ bed, gooseneck hitch, fuel transfer tank, Western Proplus 8′ snowplow
2012 Chevy 2500 HD truck w/ 127,000mi, single cab, Vinal interior, 4wd, 6.0L gas engine, 8′ bed, gooseneck hitch, Storm Guard 8′ snowplow
2006 Dodge Ram 2500 truck w/ 202,596mi, crew cab, cloth interior, auto trans, 4wd, Cummins 5.9L 24v engine, 6′ bed, Western Proplus 8′ snowplow
2008 Chevy Duramax pickup w/ 4door
2006 Toyota Siennale 7pass minivan
2005 Feather Lite 24′ cattle trailer w/ gooseneck hitch
1979 Freuhauf 9000gal 6” manure transfer trailer w/ booms, spread plate
1980 Costum 9000gal manure transfer trailer w/ booms
1998 East 48′ alum flatbed trailer w/ spread axle, air ride
1980 East 30′ push out trailer w/ hyd tail gate
1980 East 30′ push out trailer w/ hyd tail gate, spring ride
1979 Buttler 9000gal manure transfer trailer w/ booms
2017 Ferris IS7002 mower w/ 60” deck, Briggs & Stratton 27hp engine
Ferris IS3100 mower w/ Big Black 2 72” deck, Briggs & stratton 32hp gas engine
Woods S106 3pt ditch/ bank mower w/ 540pto
Woods 6′ 3pt rotary mower w/ 540pto
90” material bucket (fits Bobcat tellehandlers)
Fritsch 8′ quick att silage defacer (fits Bobcat tellehandlers)
Becker Wood Chuck skid mount bedding shooter w/ both sides throw
Katolite 75AVRS 3 phase generator w/ 75kw, 120/240v, 540pto, cart
Hobart Beta Mig 2510 mig welder
Hyper Their Power Max 900 plasma cutter
Mi-T-M 2003 220v pressure washer w/ diesel burner
14” ban saw
Torch set
4’x6′ Metal calf pens w/ bucket holders
Approx 200 Agri Plastics calf hutches w/ wire pannels
Ricky water fountains
Large amounts of 36”x 10′ head locks
Large amounts of cattle gates
Barn fans
1500gal Poly tank
Mueller 500gal stainless milk tank
Calf Star milk pasteurizing system w/ NTI LX400 direct vent boiler flash pasteurizer, natrial gas/ LP
3pt Corner wheel for drag line
Large amounts of new 11R24.5 truck tires

***Sunny Knoll Farms***
JD 4840 tractor w/ 2wd, cab, 8spd power shift, 10,600hrs, 1000pto, quick hitch, weights
JD 4055 tractor w/ 2wd, quad range, 4 post, unknown hrs, 540pto
JD 4000 tractor w/ 2wd, synchro, open station, 540pto, 3pt
Trogen 2000 wheel loader w/ 8.5′ bucket
Bobcat V623 Versahandler w/ 8707hrs, cab, 4wd, manual quick att, aux hyd
Case 580 backhoe w/ 5409hrs, 4wd, ext hoe
2017 Liebrech pull type tile plow w/ self contained power unit, GPS depth control, 6” & 8” boot (low use)
2014 Liebrech 5977 Tile cart with power feeder, PGS
Claas Jaguar 960 chopper w/ 3,840/5067hrs, 4wd, kernel processor, Good Year 710/70R38
Claas 8 row rotary head
2011 Claas 380 12′ pickup head
2009 Oxbo 330 30′ continuous merger w/ 2pt hookup
2009 Potinger Novacat V10 30′ & 2011 Novact 351 front mount disc mower (no conditioners)
JD 946 Moco w/ rubber rolls, center pivot, 13′ cut
2010 Roto Grind 1090 bale grinder
Kuhn Knight 4090 Botec commercial mixer w/ tandem axle
Sun Flower 1435 32′ rock flex disc w/ rear rolling baskets
Sun Flower 4411 7 shank rock flex deep till w/ rear disc
2014 and 2015 CTC tillage machines, 34” centers, 1 year on new shovels
3’x30′ Smooth roller
Kuhn Knight 8118 Pro Twin Slinger spreader w/ double auger, walking tandems, 540pto
Cadman 30′ ingector drag line system w/ Vogelsan pump SN#P1CMAINJ150721
Cadman 5100M drag hose reel w/ hyd drive, 6” hard poly hose, tandem axle
2-Mack 10 wheelers
2000 INT truck w/ 10spd trans, #20,000 rear, wetline, jake brake, 295/75R22.5 rubber
2005 Volvo semi tractor w/ 621k miles, 10spd trans
1990 Mack semi tractor w/ 373k miles, 9spd trans, wetline
1998 International 4900 w/ USA 22′ silage box, hyd tailgate, single axle, 4×2
1988 International w/ USA 18′ silage box, hyd tailgate single axle, 4×2
1991 International w/ USA 18′ silage box, hyd tailgate, single axle, 348kmiless
1998 Paystar 5000 w/ Rayman 3 hopper stainless fert box
1996 Paystar w/ Tyler 2 bay fert box, rear discharge, Cummins engine
Rogers 30ton lowboy w/ 22′ well
Corn Pro 14′ trailer w/ bumper pull tandem axle, ramps

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